Dyslexia tutoring: Student Results Case 1
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Case 1, Boy, 11 years 10 months, tutored 2 years 3 months

  test age at assessment test age at reassessment
Auditory memory 17.4 years 17.4 years (over ceiling of test)
Vocabulary (WISC-III) 13.10 years 16.6 years
Basic Reading not tested 11.3 years
Reading accuracy 8.1 years 11.6 years
Reading comprehension 8.11 years over 13.0 years (over ceiling of test)
Spelling age 7.5 years 10.4 years
Mental arithmetic (WISC-III) 13.10 years over 16.10 years (over ceiling of test)
Numerical operations 9.3 years 11.3 years

Ratio gains

Auditory memory = not applicable as well above chronological age; vocabulary = 1.2; reading accuracy = 1.5; reading comprehension = 1.8; spelling = 1.3; mental arithmetic = 1.3; numerical operations = 0,9

Reassessment summary by psychologist

“[He] has made very good progress in all areas tested.  He has sustained his excellent oral language skills.  His listening accuracy tested 6 years above the level of testing done 2 years ago. "[He] is now reading accurately at a level almost commensurate with his chronological age.  He reads with understanding at a level over 2 years above his chronological age.  His spelling has improved to a level just below his chronological age.  Although he is now reading accurately and spelling accurately within an average range for year 7, his reading accuracy and spelling accuracy still reflect dyslexic characteristics.  His written language does not yet reflect either his chronological age or his intellectual potential.  [He] has sustained his excellent level of oral mathematics.”

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